More about rolling

Rolling is the process of transforming a tube into an arc (or even a complete circle) by means of three rolls. By changing the geometry of the rolls (all this is done CNC controlled!) the radius with which the curved tube comes out of the machine changes. The advantage of this is that you can actually make any radius (as long as the material allows it), for example the radius becomes too small you have to bend back to the (CNC) but larger radii are often rolled. Another advantage of rolling is that this is not only possible for round tubes, but also for (rectangular) tubes, strips and many other profiles!

At Van der Hoorn Tube bending we have 2 CNC-controlled profile rolls at our disposal. Thanks to the modern CNC control of these machines, much more than, for example, just one single radius can roll in a tube. For example, we can make various radii merge into one another (e.g. elliptical shapes) and we can roll handrails in 3D (e.g. for spiral stair railings). We can roll, as well as bend, up to a maximum diameter of ø76.1 mm. Do you have other shapes or profiles? Feel free to inquire about the possibilities!