specialist in bending and rolling tubes

Van der Hoorn Tube Bending specialises in the bending and rolling of tubes smaller than a millimetre up to and including a diameter of ø76.1 mm. The family business manufactures a wide range of (3D) bending and rolling orders from the most common metals such as: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper, all with the most modern CNC machines.

Bending for 84 years

Van der Hoorn Tube Bending has been a reliable partner in the supply of curved and rolled tubes since 1936. Every day we supply our customers with curved and rolled tubes for pipes, banisters and many other applications!

We produce single pieces for prototyping up to medium-sized series. Together with you, we always look for the best solution at the best possible cost price. We can advise you on the basis of a sketch, drawing or (3D) model.


With more than 80 years of experience, we have more than anyone else's knowledge of pipe bending. In our family business, now the 3rd generation, quality is of paramount importance and we are proud of our experienced team of about 15 employees who, in combination with the very latest machines, every day produces various orders of the highest level. Van der Hoorn Tube Bending is ISO9001-2015 certified, click here our certificate:

Bending a tube is one thing, measuring it is quite another. For this reason, we recently invested in a brand new Hexagon measuring arm. This enables us to measure directly from your 3D file (.IGS or .STP) and your products can be delivered including a measurement report with all measurement data. Because we no longer need to manually type in bending and/or measuring programs, the chance of error is further minimized.


Bending and rolling, these are the most common operations of Van der Hoorn Tube Bending. In this area, we only work with the best and most reliable machines in the field of bending. In addition to bending and rolling, we also have other in-house processes such as sawing, drilling, pipe end processing and much more! In addition to our existing machinery, we continue to invest in new machines so that we continue to work with the most modern machines and have sufficient production capacity to be able to continue to serve you as a customer. You can also rely on us for rush orders and rely on our fast service with trusted quality at a favourable price.


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